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June 2016

We are Denis and Mary Beardsworth, and we have been married for 40 years. We have two children, and three lovely granchildren. Until March 2010, we lived in a small town called Leigh, about 14 miles from Manchester. We now live in Powys, Wales, in the village of Llangyniew (pronounced Thlan-gun-new), Which is about 7 miles from Welshpool. We had been looking at houses in this area for some years, and finally found our ideal property that has the name "Tan-Y-Fron", which translated, means "Under the hill".

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Our first 18 months here weren't the best we could have hoped for, but we love this area too much to ever consider going back to the Manchester area! Mary is happily retired (but still unbelievably busy!), and Denis works at TESCO Welshpool. If you are ever passing through, call in - you will be very welcome.

In 1987, 12 years after we got married, we decided a dog would be a welcome addition to the family, so while Denis was at work one day, Mary went off with the children in the car to go buy a Labrador puppy, that the kids had decided would be called "Phoebe". That puppy turned out to be a sable and white Rough Collie that despite her colour was named "Frosty".

Junric Silk Slippers (Frosty) Nov 1987 - Feb 2002

We started her at ringcraft, and she had quite a lot of good results at open shows, but we were very green, and Frosty hated the showring, so she retired, and remained for many years a faithful family pet. Our biggest regret was never getting her a companion. Frosty was the spark that ignited our love of the breed, and even now we miss her every day. R.I.P. Princess ....

We were without any pets for nearly a year, but after searching the internet, we put in a request for a Blue Merle bitch, and were delighted to travel into the White Rose County in January 2003, to become the proud owners of Wicani May'd Of Dreams (Pepper).

Wicani May'd of Dreams (Pepper) Nov 2002 - Aug 2015

Pepper had moderate success in the showring, preferring the open shows to Championship ones. She lived out her retirement from the showring, and ruled the roost here at Tan-Y-Fron!! She only had one successful mating, as her second one resulted in a Pyometra and a Hysterectomy. That successful mating resulted in her having three live pups, one of which we kept - the much admired Maysinder Pride Of Athens (Silver). Throughout 2015, she struggled with her health, and finally left us in August, just shy of her 13th. birthday. Go chase those wabbits over Rainbow Bridge, Pep!!

Maysinder Pride Of Athens (Silver)

Silver turns heads wherever he goes, and he loves the attention! He was very ill in 2008, which set him back nearly a year, but in 2010, he strung together a set of brilliant results, one of which was a 1st. in Limit dog under Delia Moores, which gained his coveted Stud Book number. Because of the flooding at home, and Mary's illness, he wasn't shown much in 2011, but in 2012, we started to get him out in Veteran classes. He is 11 now, but he defies his age and looks better than he has ever done. However, he's got to the "I can't be bothered any more" stage now, and Crufts 2015 was to be his final show, but owing to circumstances beyond our control, he didn't get there! He was shown in 2015, but with the "young guns" coming through, and his laid back attitude, his placings started to slip, so he is now retired from the showring.

After Pepper's problems, we decided we needed to buy in a bitch to try and continue the Maysinder line, and we bought in Kizzy. Kizzy did produce a litter of three (all dogs!) for us, one of whom had great promise as a youngster, but all are living happily with pet owners. Despite all our efforts, Kizzy just didn't fit in with our other two, and we made the decision that she needed a home where she would be the only dog in the family. We are glad to say that she is living happily with her new owners.

So, that prompted us to think again about a bitch to continue our line, and we were offered another Wicani bitch, Wicani New Dreams To Hold For Maysinder (Meka), a promising tricolour bitch.

Wicani New Dreams To Hold For Maysinder (Meka)

Well! What can we say about Meka? She has confidence in abundance, and is a natural showgirl. She definitely has her own mind, so much so, that it took us 4 attempts to mate her successfully!! She's also very intelligent, and has learned how to open several doors in the house. Again, she didn't had much chance to show in 2011, which is a shame, as she is developing nicely. She qualified for Crufts 2013 under Derek Allsop at Welsh Kennel Club, so she got the chance to strut her stuff in the Hallowed ring. She took time out from the ring for maternal duties, and she produced a much waited for litter of pups in September 2013, when we made the decision that she would retire. Now aged 7, she does a lot of obedience, and is looking for Gold in the Good Citizen Dog Scheme, so she is still active. We are contemplating having her return to the ring to take on the Veterans, and see how she goes, so keep a look out for her! We have kept one of her pups, a promising sable bitch named Maysinder Dancing Queen (Abba).

Maysinder Dancing Queen (Abba)

Abba is the first Sable we have had since Frosty, but the minute she was born, we just knew we had to keep her. She is very feisty, and more than holds her own with the others. She has been shown ever since the day she was old enough, and had an amazing set of results as a puppy, qualifying for Crufts 2015 SEVEN times! It doesn't seem 5 minutes since she was born, but she is over two years old now. After a recent planned dalliance with Corydon The Ringleader, we are delighted to say that she is expecting a litter in mid-June 2016 of Sable/shaded sable puppies. We have high hopes that the pups will be something special!!

As for ourselves - Denis was a committee member of Wigan and District Canine Society until we moved, and recently retired as Vice Chairman of Newtown and District Canine Society. Denis is also a very active steward at open shows, and is always available for shows in the area. Denis has also had five judging appointments to date, and is again interested in judging at more open shows.
Mary is still on the committee at Newtown Canine Society. She is very interested in canine behaviour and nutrition, and has attended many courses on the subject. She is also a skilled groomer, and always has our babies looking their best for the showring. In 2011, she became very ill with a very serious infection that nearly claimed her, but happily, she is well on the road to recovery, and is really happy to be back in the showring.

Well, that's us up to the present day. In our relatively short 12 year show career, we've made many friends on the way, and had some great times. And you don't appreciate what a friendly and caring bunch of people they are, until you have setbacks. When Mary was very ill earlier in 2011, we received literally hundreds of messages of encouragement, offers of help, and best wishes. We appreciate each and every one of them!!

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