July, 2018

It is with heartfelt sadness that we announce the passing of Silver. Dogged by Colitis all his life, we learned how to control that with a pprescription diet, and he had almost 14 years of happiness with us. In the end, old age got to him. He was going deaf and had the canine version of Alzheimers. It didn't stop him from pootling around the garden every day, but he started to lose the use of his hind legs, and we knew he didn't have long left. On the 10th. July, his back end finally gave way, and despite all our efforts and supporting him, he could no longer get up. In a desperate last attempt to keep him going, we took him to the Vet to see if there was anything that could be done - but deep down we knew .... The vet took a look him and also found an extensive tumour on his upper jaw. He was given rest, and he slipped away peacefully, and with dignity.

Silver was our first born of our very first litter, so he was very special to us, and our lives are a lot emptier without him. His ashes are back home, and he will soon be laid to rest alongside his mum.

Maysinder Pride Of Athens. R.I.P. Big Fella ....

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