In Loving Memory

Junric Silk Slippers (Frosty)
Nov. 1987 - Feb. 2002
A faithful friend for over 14 years

Sleep in peace, Darling

Two unnamed pups from Pepper's first litter
11th. August, 2004
A Blue Merle, and a Tricolor - both bitches - were stillborn

You never breathed the sweet air, but we miss you just the same

Pepper's entire second litter
Pepper lost her expected litter four weeks into her confinement

It was never meant to be, but it doesn't make the pain any easier

Wicani May'd Of Dreams (Pepper)
Nov. 2002 - Aug. 2015
A Loving lady who we sorely miss

Chase those wabbits pain free, Peps

Run free angels, till the day we walk together again over Rainbow Bridge

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