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If you are interested in reading Denis's views on things - or as Mary puts it - "The rantings of a grumpy old Git" - then please read on ....

June 2014
Well, Abba's 9 months old today, so she's moved up into puppy class. It should be interesting how she goes from here, but we see no reason why she shouldn't hold her own in there, based on her results so far!

We currently have the World Cup, and Wimbledon fast approaching. Football and Tennis are probably the two sports that bore me to tears, so instead of watching any of it, I'll be occupying myself doing all the "back-burner" jobs that need doing!!!!

March 2014
It's hard to believe that in 6 days (16th. March), Abba will be in her first open show at Oswestry. She's exactly six months old that day. Yes, SIX months! Where has the time gone? Her sister Purdey is now called Evie, and lives with her new family in Bury, Lancashire. So, it's back on the show circuit with our new baby. Silver will be sparingly shown, as this is probably his last year of showing, and the jury's currently out on Meka.

November 2013
What a hectic few weeks it's been. The pups have literally kept us on our toes, especially through those first few worrying days when you hope they are all right. It's now a case of follow them round and clean up the poo and stuff they seem to generate in abundance!!

The tricolour boy, Maysinder Super Trouper has been with his doting new owner for two weeks now, and seems to be doing very well. Because of enquiries that came to nothing, we now have the two girls here with us. So, for the moment, the tri girl that is still available, has been named Purdey, and the sable bitch we decided to keep is called Abba. They are a lively pair, and we have high hopes for them.

September 2013
Wow! I can't believe it's a year since I last blathered on! I can only put it down to me spending a lot of time working, and also revamping the garden. It means I've also neglected the rest of the website, so now, with the nights drawing in, it's about time I got cracking ....

On the 16th, Meka produced three puppies for us, after three previous failed attempts. It's too early to say yet, but we'll probably keep one, and hope to find loving homes for the other two. That's enough for now, as I've got some website work to do ....

August 2012
We are now in the middle of "Summer". What Summer? I hear you ask. We have had the wettest June and July for many years, and it looks like August is going to be the same, judging by how much rain we've had already. Blackpool Champ Show was a washout, and many showpeople are unearthing their wellies and waterproofs 'in case' of wet conditions at forthcoming shows.
Thankfully, because of my shifts, I saw very little of the annual yawnfest - otherwise known as Wimbledon - so can't complain really. But I must say well done to Team GB on the best Olympics results wise for 100 years. For me, the cycling was awesome!

On a positive note (a rare occasion for me!), I'm delighted to say that Mary is almost back to full health, and apart from a croaky voice owing to vocal chord damage from the infection, is looking much fitter and healthier. We've both lost a couple of stones in weight too - Mary through careful diet and exercise, and me having a much more physical job than I was ever used to!!

I'm realising that I'm getting older and NOT wiser, and have succumbed to the fact that my hearing isn't good. So, I'm now wearing a hearing aid. The consultant who fitted it - lovely woman - told me I can hear a pin drop from 10 feet away - like that's gonna happen often enough for me to think "WOW, this is bloody good" .... Fair do's though, it has made a difference and is hardly noticeable. So, if I ignore you now, it's not that I didn't hear you, it's because I don't wanna talk to you LOL!

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